Texas Classic Beach Volleyball creates a fun and competitive atmosphere for junior beach athletes to grow and maximize their potential while developing individual skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, and character. Through hard work and dedication, we will train our players to be mentally and physically strong. With our knowledgeable, credible and dedicated coaches, we are ready to take Texas Beach Volleyball to the next level!

Coach Randy has 30+ years of competitive beach doubles experience. He is a two time winner of the Mikasa Spike It Up World Championships. Randy has played in AVP mains draw events and he has 11 National Titles in multiple age divisions.

Coach Steven has 30+ years beach and indoor experience and 13+ years coaching experience. His passion is training youngsters new to beach volleyball. His goal is to make every practice for the 12u kiddos the fastest and most fun part of their day.

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Coach Steve is very skilled, and extremely educated about beach volleyball. Smart coach! Passionate about volleyball


We love Coach Steve! His love of the game and knowledge make for an excellent learning environment for players of all levels. He brings everything he has to the table when it comes to coaching! I am so thankful my daughter had him as a coach.


My daughter has had the privilege to be coached by Steve from her early years at YMCA to her club and school career. He is a focused “teacher of the game”. His technical and strategic aspects are spot on! From awesome lessons to quick sideline adjustments, her game always improves (and results in LOTS of wins!). He is one of the most positive and supportive coaches she has ever had! He makes the game fun! Can’t say enough about what a wonderful coach he is! He truly loves the game and cares for his athletes.

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